In the field of psychology there is currently a massive gap between what is being taught, applied and propagated, and the new solutions available for mental disorders.
Built into the making of each and every human on the planet is an innate characteristic called the survival instinct, which has only one purpose, protect life! Or, keep you safe at all costs.
The survival instinct has three hierarchical threat levels it has been programmed to be aware of; 1) the Soul, 2) the Body, and 3) the Mind. With the highest level of threat being, when the SOUL is in danger.

There is only one way anyone can consciously make the decision to commit suicide! The survival instinct has to be activated to protect the soul from a perceived threat by one, or both of the other two components; the Mind and/or Body.

In order for the MIND to become a threat a disruptive memory must be causing opposing undesired reactions to one or more of the basic needs that activate the survival instinct; Food, Sex, and Danger. And, for a memory to be a threat, it has to have a level 4 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of intensity.

When we talk about memories with high levels of intensity they’re referred to as ‘Memory Trauma’! Memory trauma will stay in the consciousness until they are converted into a different level of meaning. By meaning, we mean; did the experience cause me pleasure, or pain? If it caused us pain we will avoid anything that causes us recall of that experience. If it was a high enough level of pain, say a 8 to 10, then life becomes something we try to avoid. Thus, suicide becomes an option!

By converting the ‘Memory Trauma’ to a new meaning, we do not try to avoid associative experiences, and life once again becomes enjoyable with new options, and choices, we didn’t have after the trauma.
The Gap - Old psychology beliefs and New psychology practices.

The old field of psychology beliefs are the result of any lack of workable, practical, teachable, solution based, and consistent results. Why is this? Well, until over a decade ago it was not discovered that a cognitive code could unlock and change the meaning to past experiences.

What does all of this mean? Well, we can now alter targeted past experiences which are causing a mental disorder like; depression, anxiety, manic, bipolar, P.T.S.D., phobias and suicidal ideation. Once the memory(s) that are causing the issue have been converted the reactive disorder stops.

Now this is the part that makes people’s heads explode that have been in the field of psychology for any length of time. The speed of converting past ‘Memory Trauma’ takes less time than the time it took to create the trauma!

I’ll say this again, to make sure you can understand, and comprehend, what is being said; The time it takes to correct, convert a ‘Memory Trauma’ which is causing a Mental Disorder takes LESS time than it took to create the trauma!

These new psychology practices are in use and have been in use for over a decade working with the suicidal at International Suicide Prevention a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit charity. 24/7 days a week these new psychology practices have been in use since January 2006. New psychology has a name: Nu-Rekall®.

Nu-Rekall® industries mind science technologies has three publicly released and copyrighted procedures that address mental disorders and create spontaneous remission within (5) minutes of the procedure.

Again, these procedures are SINGLE application, take between (5) to (20) minutes to administer, some are in self-help format, are being taught to other mental health professionals, are endorsed, are proven to cause spontaneous remission in; depression, anxiety, manic, bipolar, P.T.S.D., phobias and suicidal ideation.

Mental disorders are not to be used as a label! Mental disorders just mean that a quick, easy, accessible one time treatment is needed. Mental disorders are not a way of life! Mental disorders are not a person’s identity! Mental disorders are a temporary frame of mind that can be corrected without invasive or medical applications.
By: Matthew D. Dovel, President of International Suicide Prevention




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