From @omojuwa - Image via @Deekachy_MD on Twitter. One day, we’d all wake up and there’d be no competent doctors left in this country.
When their lives are being risked over things that shouldn’t cost government much (image 1), they are underpaid and hardly ever paid on time (image 2).
Let’s stop fooling around, I know statistics will get reeled off on the great work government has done,
some of them are genuinely true, but tell me, has any country ever progressed without at least fixing its health sector? We hear the news when the rich and famous die but really and truly, poor lives are wasted everyday just because our health sector is dead! We have some 30,000 doctors between the UK and the U.S. alone according to some reports and they are still leaving Nigeria these days in droves - who wouldn’t?
No one came to this world to die for anybody, for Christians at least, Jesus at least did that! For non-Christians, I know no religious law mandates you to die foolishly! We need to do better, focus better and actually task government on its basic responsibilities before we even get to the matter of the “extraordinary” and “state of the art.” Nigeria is taking too long to press “start.” #Health #Nigeria #LassaFever




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