The problems associated with genotype and marriage is the genotype of the children from the marriage.
When People with hemoglobin “ AS” are pregnant, they have 50% chances of having a child with “AS” genotype , 25% chances of having a child with AA genotype and 25% chances of having a child with SS genotype.
The answers to knowing the genotype of the child before it is born is the solution to the problem.
At the fetus stage chroronic villi sampling test can be done, which are carried out on the tinny parts of the placenta that are formed from the Fertilized egg at about 11th-14th week during the gestational period.
This test is used to detect defect in the fetus, if the fetus is defective, the parents can do a legal evacuation and as discussed above there are chances of having fetus that are not defective.

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