Accusations and counter accusations of wrong doing between the Executive arm of government and Judicial arm of government is getting worrisome. The independence of the judiciary is a foundation of our democracy. Disrespect for judges and court order was understandable under military regime. Sadly, the same military era mentality has resurfaced in our polity.
No doubt corruption permeates every aspect of our lives. We will all be happy to rid the nation of corruption. However due process should be followed. Rule of law must be respected. An Igbo proverb says: if we are silent over a stolen chicken neck, then we should not speak when the neck of goat or cow gets missing. It is the judges today and could be lawyers tomorrow.
It is most likely that lawyers are the next target. There is a general believe that lawyers are the conduit through which corrupt money and properties reach judges. Silence of most senior lawyer on the executive disregard for independence of the judiciary is worrisome. It gives credence to the suspicion of their complicity in the judge’s bribery saga.
The senior advocates should rise to the occasion, by speaking up for adherence to due process.




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