In our daily pursuit of happiness, we encounter insurmountable obstacles and wish there is someone to help us. Most times, we find help from our neighbours and relatives insufficient or embarrassing; and become vulnerable to associations’ scouts.  These scouts with spiritual, business, political, social and familial affiliation; entices one with promises of protection and better life.
  Man’s inclination to form or join such associations triggers the need for legislation to protect Right to Freedom of Association. Consequently, States are obliged to take positive measures to establish and maintain an enabling environment for associations. States must also refrain from unduly obstructing the exercise of the right to freedom of association.
  Section 40 of The Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, provides for Rights to Freedom of Association and Assembly. The Universal Declaration of human Right, the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and other international conventions made provision for protection of Rights to Freedom of Association. In the exercise of Right to Freedom of Association, a citizen has no right to infringe on another’s enjoyment of the same right.
Any association’s constitution which makes its membership compulsory or mandatory is contrary to section 40 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the right of every citizen to decide which association or group of persons are in the position to protect its best interests. No association or group of persons can arrogate to itself the authority to make that determination on behalf of another.
  Recently reported dispute between members of Bwari Yam Sellers Union and non-members of the union. The union insisted that non-member must not sell yams in and around the market. It resulted in assault and seizure of tubers of yams belonging to non-members of Bwari Yam Sellers Union in a move to coerce them to join the union. Rivalry between cult members, religious groups, employees’ union members and non-members are common occurrence and often result to breach of peace.
  A person or group who force or compel others to join their association stands the risk of prosecution for violation of right to Freedom of Association.




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