We had a country where stiff penalties are imposed by retroactive and draconian legislations. The rule of just law was jettisoned. Innocent people suffered; some disappeared and some met untimely death. We cried out for change; and demanded democracy. Reluctantly the military oppressors designed and handed us a tricky constitution and left.
  In the constitution they lied that: We the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, having firmly and solemnly resolve, to live in unity and harmony as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation under God, made the constitution. In chapter 2 of the constitution juicy promises were made under Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy were hopes were raised for rights to education, health, employment amongst others whereas section 6 of the same constitution, the rights are forbidden to be justiciable.
   We accepted the document just to let them go. Thus save the nation from the military oppressors’ avarice, innate brutish and corrupt inclinations.
  In a bid to facilitate their exit, some fanatic religious leader, ingenious crooks and political bigots conspired and brought two architects of the oppression: Obasanjo and Buhari through democratic process to lead the nation. They started their tenure by declaring a “war on crime” that becomes a war on civil liberties. Again innocent lives are lost and rule of law is ridiculed.
  As we look forward to a better future, it is advised that anyone who had held political office under any military government should not be allowed to hold any executive or elective position in our polity.




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