The National Judicial Council is a creation of the 1999 constitution. It has the mandate to recommend for the appointment and discipline of judicial officers. Sadly, the executive arm of government, in execution of its constitutional duty: the abolition of corrupt practices and abuse of power provided in section 15(5) of our constitution blatantly invaded its sphere of influence and authority.
Whilst the manner of arrest is in breach of due process of law and condemnable, it raises questions on the effectiveness of NJC Disciplinary Regulations; Code of Conduct of Judicial Officers; and NJC Guidelines and Procedural Rules. The acting Chief Justice of Nigeria should ensure that these rules are reviewed.
The calamity of rule of law is that a criminal could escape justice on technical grounds. If the wisdom in Okoro v. Nigerian Army Council (2000) where The Court of Appeal held that, an officer cannot be tried by a Court Martial constituted by officers of a lower rank is applied, it is doubtful if other judicial officers would convict and send to jail some of those who are their colleagues, seniors and even bosses few months ago. We share the sentiments of the government’s believe that to be wealthy and honoured in an unjust society is a disgrace that must be checked.
However, we do not subscribe to breach of law and due process to contain corruption. As accusation and denial of wrong doing rages we know that those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it. The naming and shaming of the senior judicial officers has done more damage to them and the judiciary than can be imagined.
We hope that justice should be done and be seen to have been done.

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  • John-Chuks Apachi November 18th, 2016, 05:25:40 PM

    Nicely written article/blog. The naming and shaming of the judicial officers accused of corruption has actually done greater damage(es) to these Judicial officers than what any jail term can ever achieve....Can any one ever imagine the enormous damage(es) done to their legal/Judicial careers and status if eventually and evidently they were absolved and exculpated from those crimes???

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