The business dispute between Innonson Motors and GTb is worrisome. Thousands of people employed and hundreds of business engaged and supported by these two business giants would suffer if either or both companies collapse. Sadly, our insensitive governments and greedy politicians would careless, as long as their flamboyant life style is not affected.

A government that is concerned about the welfare of its citizen, economic growth, and development would intervene to douse tension rather than take side. Some years ago two business moguls – Otedola and Dangote had serious disagreements over business deals. The government of President Olusegun Obasanjo in his wisdom intervened. The intervention halted bad belly press and tribal sentiments fuelling the combat.

While it would take our courts years to resolve the disputes, we suggest that Innoson Motors and GTB should consider resolving their civil dispute through Arbitration.

Arbitration as a means of settling civil disputes would be discussed next week.

If you need assistance in contacting a lawyer, send an email to or call 08186718454 and we would be glad to match you with a lawyer who meets your requirements. 




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