Very soon, politicians will swarm media space urging us to forget and forgive their past mistakes. Lie about how much they love us and the country; weep for the pains they have caused us through their mischiefs and blame one another for the misfortunes that befell us under their watch. As in the past elections, they will deploy religious and tribal sentiment and thugs where necessary to achieve their political ambition,

Every society has its fair share of conmen, tribal messiahs, rogue prophets, mischievous lawyers and crafty public servants. Sadly ours surpasses them all for they succeeded in building a career in politics. Once in power, they easily forget their oath of office, their promises and God looting our common treasury as if there is no tomorrow.

Put at their mercy, we cry to them to them, to relieve us of the burden of their corruption. They obliged and gave us as many anti-corruption laws;

Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act

Corrupt Practices and other related Offences Act.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Act

Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act

Fiscal Responsibility Act

The laws appear sufficient to nail any crook. We applaud them. They laugh at us knowing that with poor oversight and lack of political will to enforce the laws, the laws are useless. True to their expectation, none of them has been successfully prosecuted. They vehemently resist the Judiciary attempts to put them on check.

As has been observed; “The mass of working people may be asleep. The educated and propertied classes are not. They will not allow their fate to be determined by a closed cadre of priestly reformers lacking in self-restraint. They will put these reformers in their place, substituting for them successors who no longer need to be put in their place.”

According to Dr Akinola Aguda; “To the best of my knowledge and experience there is nothing like equality before the law, at least not the way the law is operated today. It is nothing but a myth created by our political rulers and the lawyers to give cold comfort to the ‘common man’ so that they, that is our political rulers and the lawyers, can have a peace of mind.”

The commoners have the numerical strength to begin to make change in the society. As the election campaign begins, ensure you align yourself, not with the highest bidder for your vote, but with men of character. Be prepared to vote wisely.

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