All engines without sleeves by Nigerian experience are equivalent to USE And THROW AWAY. The same thing applies to any equipment new or used without local back up service in terms of parts. 3) Machine features are of considerations. Features like articulation, 3 /2 boom structure in case of Excavator, tire or track depending on location and or site condition have direct impact on productivity and circle time. If the project is in urban location, a track Excavator will involve a lot of low bed movement and damages to existing asphalt overlay. A three boom Excavator will do more work at a place with less movement than a 2 boom unit, especially in sites with limited space therefore being more productive. A dump truck is off highway and it is against the law to haul it along the road. 4) Manuals: - Parts /Operating / Maintenance manual is a must. Parts manuals guide’s one while ordering parts. It saves one from buying wrong items. It reduces procurement period. Thanks to WhatsApp and others one can now send pictures of samples but parts locations on Terex shelves are based on part numbers.




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