Sir Isaac Newton said that actions and reactions are equal and opposite. This reaction in motion is called friction. Friction makes movement possible. Without friction, we shall be walking on banana peels and slipping and falling. This is exactly what lubricants do. It makes it possible for two rubbing or meshed members to slip over each other and move on with minimal resistance or friction. It equally carries away heat generated by this motion. There ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF LUBRICANTS WHICH INCLUDES: Penetrating oil, Engine oil, Grease etc.
They are graded in their frictional values called SAE. The less frictional/SAE value the more the slippery nature of the oil and the more penetrating. This equally relates to the load bearing capabilities of the oil. So one has to be careful to stick to manufacture’s recommended lubricant. One has to be careful with oil that forms sludge because they don’t perform any of these functions well in addition to blocking oil lines.




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