As I sat at a corner of my room listening to Priscilla Shirer’s powerful message on the what she termed “The patience of God”, I couldn’t but thank God for the privileges available for me to enjoy as his child, knowing fully well that I am a proof of his patience whom he hasn’t saved alone but also changed.
Most times, we focus on the demonstration of the power of God, rather than take a look also at the flip power of God on the other side of the coin. God’s power is not only in what he does but also in what he does not do, not because he isn’t capable but because he is a Patient God.
It doesn’t matter what we as individuals have the capacity to do, we do not have the capacity to wear God out neither do we have the ability to talk him off his duty. Patience is an attribute that has to be matured in the soul of humans.
The essence of patience that ought to be is all that God is and if it was not for the patience of God, we would not have the opportunity nor the privilege to experience him, (1 Tim 1:16).
The patience of God is perfect and the character of Paul is not the only illustration of the lavish presence of God.
(1 Tim 1:15) The question of “why would a Holy God desire to have a close relationship with us” hall marks the fact that our existence is a miracle divinely orchestrated by God, If getting born is a miracle, them how much more being born again.
In all of history, God wages war to ensure that we are safe, he makes alternative moves whenever man fails him, he never cuts his relationship with man but rather puts up new strategies.
The existence of Jesus is one of God’s strategies which the enemy has found no response to up till date. The proof of God’s patience is not just that we were saved but changes.
When God lives in you, he does the hard work by changing you and the situation of things around you. The Holy Spirit stands the last of the trinity not because he is the least in the hierarchy but because he is the third in trinity to be revealed to us.
Through Sanctification, we are molded in God’s prospect, the Holy Spirit helps us to be like Jesus, and he changes the physical us into being God’s own people.
God sticks with us in this changing process, he has got enough patience to wait for us. All we need to do and all God has called us for is to pass through the process of justification (salvation),Sanctification (change) and fortification (we are able to count on him).God equips us for whatever he calls us for hence God is everything that would ever come our way.

Adeola Adeyeye




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