Learning to give thanks at all times
Discovering the secret of thanksgiving
The blessings of thanksgiving BL OF THANKSGIVING
Thanksgiving is a product of revelation; it is not just the ability to give thanks alone. It involves the revelation of God’s mercy, goodness and love.
In the cause of getting all of these revelations, you learn to give thanks to God and appreciate him for all he has done and who he is to you (Gen 1:26); (Gen 2:8-15); (1 Jn1:15); (Jn 1:17).
We cannot praise God beyond the revelation of God that we have. Thanksgiving is an acknowledgement of God’s goodness (Gen1:1).
When we give God thanks for all that he has done for us, who he is to us and his promises towards us, we are acknowledging him as the source of all things.
Thanksgiving keeps us in submission and subjection to the will of God. Whatever you have cannot be yours completely until you have fully given thanks to God for it (1 Tim 4:1-3); (Heb 13:15).
Thanksgiving is a continuous practice, hence we should give thanks to God daily (Col 2:6) .
There are countless reasons why we ought to give thanks to God for the amazing and wondrous works we has been doing and that which he will continue to do. We ought to give God thanks because:
*He is our healer
*He is the El-shaddai, bigger than every of our needs; this we also need to thank him for
There is always a reason to give thanks to God even when he has done nothing that we are expecting. Thanksgiving has to be done in the spirit because when thanksgiving is done in the flesh, what accompany it are complaints and grumble.
God reveals himself to us as we face different challenges in life(Gen22:14). When needs show up, we must never give up, we should learn to give thanks to God in the face of those challenges confronting us.
Give God thanks always in the direction of hat he has done and that which he is yet to do. Never be myopic in your thanksgiving, let your thanksgiving be revelationql (Ecc 9:4).
Never think God cannot do without having your thanksgiving, he deserves it. He is a God who speaks and his word creates what he speaks (Ps 136:4).The supernatural operates in to dimensions, we have:
*The supernatural of the spirit over the natural
*The supernatural of God over all things .
(Is 45:5) It is a privilege to say thanks you lord, it is not a right(Ps 107:21).Having the Holy Spirit dwell in man is also a miracle(Gen 1:3);(Rom 8:11); (1 Cori 3:16);(Jn 7:38-39);(Jn 4:4);(1 Cori 3:16); (Rev 1:8).
We act on God’s word however the procedure of his manifestation remains unknown to humanity.




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