I am just going to say my mind here and that is period. Have you ever tried viewing the congregation from the pulpit, if you haven’t well I have and believe me it was not funny at all. You know that most of our girls are light in complexion and fresh looking that you certainly can never get tired of looking at them, now when these set of sweet sexy legs are lined up and the sweet part of it is that the legs will be crossed over each other, will you tell me that you will not say good legs instead of goodness. Anyway, like I said before I am just going to say my mind, I think I would even prefer one to wear trouser than to wear what will partly expose part of their body and making someone commit the sin of looking.
Coming to this sister here, I think she is forgetting one thing; the Bible said give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and unto God what belongs to him. If the government gave you trouser why not respect those in authority, why use sin to conceal sin? Or didn’t you read where the bible also said you should respect those in authority? Anyway, the ball is on your court. Do what your mind tells you is right.




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