Yesterday, Catholics all over the world celebrated the Palm Sunday- the day of the king.
Palm Sunday procession marks the start of the Holy Week.
Christians around the world today celebrate Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter that commemorates Jesus’ successful entry into Jerusalem riding a donkey, a week before his crucifixion on Good Friday and, after that, his resurrection. The name “Palm Sunday” has been derived from Bible verses that described how Palm branches were laid down on Jesus’ path while he rode into Jerusalem and people also waved them as they are considered to be a symbol of peace and victory. Common traditions at many Christian Palm Sunday church services include construction of small palm crosses, people taking part in processions with palm branches that often include a live donkey and the blessing of palms where palm branches are saved to be burned during Ash Wednesday services the next year. Mathew 21, among the four other gospels in the Bible that tell the story of Palm Sunday, is the one read the most at church services during the celebrations.




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