“What are you responsible for?” The answer to this all encompassing question that all men of God should ask themselves is the foundation of the appreciation by their members.
Several men of God just like most Politicians have forced people to admire or put up undeserving appreciation for them. Most are celebrated by people who ask themselves “what is he responsible for in my life?”. If all you are responsible for is that you are the Pastor of the place they currently worship, you will certainly get a white washed appreciation because you are yet to be responsible for anything in their lives.
. Honour is not limited to those it is due, honour is also forced to hang on non deservers
The People of House on the Rock Abakalik’s appreciation for Pastor Bright Edada Last Sunday which is a special day marked out for pastor’s appreciation was Thunderous because of what he is responsible for in their lives.
To many he is a true Father, to many he gave their first glimpse of hope and to all he is a pastor of a real world that God created and Christ died for. He is the pastor of real people in their real world situations, no wonder they rush to Church and reluctant to leave at the end of Church service.
Pastor bright Edada is not a pastor for men living in heavens he is a pastor of men living in the real world with real life situations.
His wealth of knowledge of the street, Geography, Physics, Nature studies, Political, Engineering, Agriculture and several other fields of human endeavors are species in his messages that they may have knowledge and not perish
The special guest of the occasion was the Regional Director Rev. Edwin Biayeibo also to grace the occasion was Pastor Jude Peters.




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