Thursday, November 2, 2017.

“Fear not, believe only! I haven’t called you to believe in what the enemy is doing. I have called you to set your mind on what I am doing.
You are either going to fill your mind with your troubles or fill your mind with My promises. Make your choice this day! *Your mind is a womb where tomorrow is conceived and brought forth by the words of your mouth.*

Are you filling your mind with troubles and worries? There is no wisdom in so doing.

Fill your mind with My goodness.
Fill your mind with the immediacy of My presence in the midst of your troubles. Find the table I have set before you in the presence of your enemies and be seated there and be satiated with My goodness with which that table is laden.

*Refuse to let the enemy make you naked or tell you that you are naked. You are not naked, you are not exposed, you are not vulnerable*. I have clothed you with Myself.

I am in you and you are in Me. When the enemy does his worst, I give you My best and that is Victory! I am the victory on the inside of you.

Because you have Me, you have conquered and you are a conqueror. Say it! Say it out your mouth *“I am a conqueror because of who Jesus is on the inside of Me!* In so doing, you are prophesying what happens next. I can get behind your words when you align your thoughts and your conversation with the narrative of My word and not the narrative of worry and despair. Then and only then you will step into that moment that changes the world and transforms YOUR world”.

May your day truly be blessed.

Shalom Beloved
Ken Okotcha.




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