Friday, February 10, 2017

John 2:1-2 KJV
“And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there: [2] And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage”

They’d been eating and drinking at the wedding feast, and having great fun. Then it was time to raise a wine toast to the new groom and his bride. Everyone present all had their wine glasses ready for the toast when the sad news rising like a mist from a hot wet road enveloped the merry crowd and dissipated their initial excitement - ” THE WINE HAS FINISHED. THERE’S NO MORE WINE”.

Confusion hit the erstwhile bustling feast. How on earth will a wedding feast be concluded without wine - toasting the groom and bride?

In all that confusion, Mary the beautiful young mother of Jesus walked resolutely to her Son Jesus and announced to Him in a voice that respectfully demanded an instant miracle “THEY HAVE NO WINE”.

Of course Jesus was not deaf. He must have heard the worried guests around Him murmuring in criticism of the feast organizers about the wine shortage.  But it took His Mother’s specific petition to get Him to do a miracle.

6 big water pots of stone stood by. Jesus ordered them to be filled to the brim with water. When it was done, He ordered that they take some of the water to the Master of Ceremony who upon tasting the miracle water -turned - wine, announced that it was the best wine ever. The once more enthusiastic guests broke out in applause as the party continued.

When you are in trouble, it is usual and perfectly normal to invite Jesus, but in celebration times do you?

Jesus is the most important guest at celebrations and should top your V.I.P. list.
When you invite Jesus to your party, things may still go wrong but He’s always on hand to right the wrong.

Thank God for the newly wedded couple in our story that someone had the covenant sense to invite Jesus. The big problem they faced was reduced to nothing by the words of The Word.

He used 6 ordinary looking earthen pots filled with water to solve a major “party stopper” problem. The number “6” in Jewish numerology represents man. Water represents the Word of God (John 3:5 / Ephesians 5:25)

Today, Jesus can use ordinary looking “earthen vessel” that are filled with the treasure of The Word to bring a miracle to you. Taking a cup of the miracle water -turned- wine to the MC was an act of faith. It simply signifies confidence that the word of Christ is more than enough for a miracle to occur. The miracle worker is Jesus but He’s today sending miracles your way by the hands of ordinary looking but nevertheless anointed vessels. As you drink of what these men and women offer from Jesus, the Joy of testimonies of miracles will fill your life. The beginning point however is, have you invited Jesus to your celebration or activity of today? If not, do so quickly please.

Dear Jesus, I invite you not only into my life but into my day. Please don’t come as a guest, come as my blood relative. Do not merely visit, please inhabit my daily activities. I formally invite you to do a miracle in my life. The “wine” of Joy finishes too fast, too often in my life. Please Lord, replenish me. Amen.

Shalom beloved.
You are truly blessed today and always.
Ken Okotcha.




I am an expression of the Divine!





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