Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

Jude 1:24 KJV

According to Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church who once board a private flight to another city with a friend of his, his friend effortlessly pulled out the tray attached to his seat in preparation to be served an in-flight meal. Pastor Osteen looked for his own tray but it wasn’t attached since there was no seat directly in front of him. He eventually found it attached to the side of the plane. He grabbed the handle and tried to pull it out gently but it refused to come out. He applied greater pressure to the tray, it still wouldn’t budge. At some point, he stood up to exert maximum strength by leveraging height, yet that tray remained unmoved.

Though his friend and a couple other Church staff aboard did all they could, that tray door would not slide open. Frustrated, tired and disillusioned that a mere tray door resisted him successfully, Joel Osteen sat down for the rest of the journey which ended almost immediately as the plane began it’s descent into their destination.

Upon arrival, he reported the matter of the faulty tray handle to the plane crew. They all apologized profusely even as 2 of them followed him back inside to take note of the faulty tray handle.

At his seat, he pointed to the faulty tray handle by the side of the plane. The 2 crew members opened their mouths in shock as they noticed where his indicting index finger was pointing to. With a holy hush in his voice, one crew member told him that what he had been fighting to open was not a tray handle. They showed him the sign painted above that “tray”, it read EMERGENCY EXIT!  Had that door opened, that plane would have gone crashing down due to the sudden loss of cabin pressure.  He and many others aboard the plane may have died.

Just like Brother Osteen, many of us have our eyes on a “door” we are determined to open but God in His great mercy won’t let us. There are many doors but not all doors will lead you to where you want to go.
Osteen spent the whole flight time trying to open that “door” and in his frustration missed the opportunity of enjoying his flight.

Do not have your eyes and effort so focused on a door that wouldn’t open that you miss the chance to enjoy the journey of life. If God allowed some of our doors to open, we may end up killing ourselves and taking many others down in the process.

Learn to take notice the next time a door refuses to open and ask yourself this: Is this the enemy trying to keep me OUT or God trying to keep me IN?

Keep hope alive, Do Life and let God do the rest. Do have a blessed day ahead.

Shalom Beloved.

Ken Okotcha.




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