Saturday, December 17th, 2016
Philemon 1:6 KJV
“That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is IN YOU in CHRIST JESUS”
Peter had borrowed Comfort’s new car to run across town to pick up some important documents from Amara.
He started the car, turned on the air-conditioner and sighed gratefully as it started cooling at once. It was the only answer to the oppressive heat.  He drove as fast as he could along the busy main road of the state capital, grunting every now and then in appreciation of the luxurious features of the car.
He regretfully turned on his pointer as he drove off the smooth tarred main road and turned into the dirt road that would connect the other smooth road leading to Amara’s house.
As he negotiated a bend in the road, he saw a police van parked ahead and a few armed officers checking passing vehicles.
As he slowly approached the checkpoint, a police sergeant stood in his path, rifle in his right hand and left hand raised in a “stop” signal.
As he pulled to a stop, the belligerent looking officer walked to his now rolled down window, gave a smile that would pass for a grimace, and asked belligerently in the widely spoken Nigerian pidgin, “Wetin you carry?”. This means “What do you have in the trunk of the car?”
Peter turned off the ignition and came down from the car to open the trunk. It was there and then that it hit him. He had neither asked Comfort for the car papers, nor checked the trunk of the car to confirm the contents. Looking at the face of the hard looking sergeant, he opened the trunk. His heart was beating for fear of any surprises and as the trunk door swung open lazily, the officer repeated the question, “Wetin you carry?”
Many of us may not be able to answer that question should Life pull us over suddenly. Life may have been going as smoothly for you as it was for Peter as he drove Comfort’s car but suddenly, here comes an interruption.
Are you prepared to handle it? Do you possess what it takes to take care of it? Have you taken stock of what you carry inside of you as divine gifts? Do you acknowledge these gifts?
Our Bible text of today confirms that for every believer IN Christ, there are MANY good things loaded in us. It further states that our faith can be more effectively communicated WHEN we start acknowledging these good things we carry in Christ. Therefore when Life like the belligerent officer pulls you over and demands “Wetin you carry?” Then without fear or doubt, you’ll respond effectively in faith “I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me” Hallelujah!
The challenges of Life are only temporal to believers who know, understand and acknowledge the content worth of their Spiritual inheritance.
How can you discover “wetin you carry?”. By consistently studying the operating manual of your life - the Bible!
In Christ Jesus, I am loaded. I acknowledge and confess that the eternal life (Zoe) that I carry on the inside cannot be oppressed, suppressed or conquered. The tree and it’s seed share the same characteristics and potentials. I am a seed of God in Christ. No matter what weight is placed over a planted seed in the soil, it will always find a way to break through and break out into the open air and produce. Just as the Father is unstoppable, I am also unstoppable. Things don’t run me, I run things. I am not UNDER the circumstances, I am ON TOP of the circumstances. I’m walking in daily victory, powered by the supernatural energy of God’s power. Amen.
I agree with you in the name of Jesus.
Have a Grace- filled day and a fruitful end of the year.
Pastor Ken Okotcha
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