Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

John 8:32, 36 KJV
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. [36] If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.
There is no substitute for truth. It does not bow to coaxing, coercion or intimidation.  One block of truth will collapse a tower of lies. It doesn’t respect your eloquence or station in life. 

Truth is simple and doesn’t need a 2nd opinion - it suffices for dominion. It by -passes Preachers to honour the honest laity. It flows past pulpits to heal the pews.

Lies & wickedness may prevail but only for a little while; the truth will always surface and dominate. Truth is divine. It is an essence of deity. It does not emanate from mere men but it transforms men.
Truth is light that pierces through the thick armor of dark lies. It is liberating,  comforting and elevating.

When truth walks in, falsehood trembles, agitates and becomes murderous. Truth is exhilarating.  It represents torment to liars but is so liberating & refreshing to the poor, weary, afflicted and lonely.
There are many things called “truth”. Dogmas, Doctrines, Testimonies, Organizations, People and places all attempt to label themselves with truth but according to the Bible, there’s only one truth in creation.
Its not a thing, but a person. His name is Jesus.
Jesus is Truth expressed in Love & intimacy- He became one with us .
Jesus is Truth expressed in humility- He enjoyed kids, sinners and the unschooled.
Jesus is Truth expressed in sacrifice - He gave His life. 
He is Truth expressed in Provision - He denied Himself most comfort so that we may have EVERY GOOD THING!
He is Truth expressed in Patience - He endured false accusations with equanimity.
He is Truth expressed in Hope- He promised to return for all who believe.
He is Truth expressed in family - He wants to be with us forever.
He is Truth expressed in A Name - He is Jesus my lover, Brother, Friend and Lord.

I am a child of God, born of the Spirit and born of the Truth. I know the Truth. The Truth has a name. The Truth is the way that leads to the discovery of Eternal Life in himself. The Truth is a person, His name is Jesus; the name above all names. It’s above the names of Poverty, death, sickness, barrenness and shame. The Truth makes free, therefore I confess that in the name of Jesus the truth, I am set free from every contrary report of Satan or Man. It shall be so in the name of Jesus.

May you be truly blessed my beloved,
Pastor Ken Okotcha




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