Wednesday, 21st December, 2016

Genesis 4:25 KJV
“And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a SON and called his name Seth: For God, said she , hath appointed me ANOTHER SEED instead of Abel, whom Cain slew”

In continuation of the 4 primary things that hamper the effectiveness of a seed. Yesterday I identified the 1st one as ” NOT SOWING THE SEED”

Genesis 8:22 speaks of “Seedtime”. This implies that there’s a specific time or season to sow. How do I know when to sow then? I’m glad you asked.
You sow in the “morning” & “evening”!

Ecclesiastes 11:6 KJV
“In the MORNING sow thy seed, and in the EVENING withhold not thine hand…”

In the natural, farmers prefer to sow their seed in the early hours of the morning before the sun rises or in the evening when the sun has set. This is to avoid the scorching of the seed by the ultraviolet rays of the burning sun.
What this simply implies is that everyone must understand the right time or season to plant seed.

*Seed planted under optimal conditions will survive and prosper better than carelessly sown seed.

* Biologically, the woman’s ovulation flags off sowing time or season. If a couple desiring kids chose to fight or abstain from copulating at this time, the “sowing” season passes and there’ll be no harvest of kids.
Consequently, wisdom is a fundamental requirement in the practice of the laws of harvest.

This is a 2 part revelation:

The 1st part is “Identifying the soil type”.
There are different types of soil. The best soil type for “doing life” stuff however is humus soil.  It is highly fertile because of its ability to absorb decayed plants and animals and convert them to organically enrich its properties. It’s the soil from which 95% of animated life on earth generates. Man’s body is from humus soil hence he is called hu - man. Meaning “Man from humus soil”

Seed sown in the wrong soil type will either die unproductive or generate a harvest of malformed crops.  Some kids are born malformed mainly because of complex genetic differences in both parents. This is why genotype match test is a must for would - be couples. You can actually avoid producing “SS” genotype kids who practically malfunction all through life by this simple but efficient “Soil” test.

The 2nd is “Preparing the soil for seed”.
If a farmer doesn’t till or plow the ground or soil, the seed may be potent but the unprepared soil will not yield a harvest. To plow means to upturn the soil and create furrows by means of a plowshare. The reason is to enable essential nutrients that may be dominant in one area to reach other parts of the soil.

* Biologically, if a woman is deficient in vital minerals and vitamins, her womb (the human soil) may not be able to receive or retain the sperm seed. Miscarriages and failed harvests basically happen because the womb (soil) was unable to carry the seed through a full cycle on to delivery/harvest. Just like the plowed soil, the woman must undergo detoxification processes and ingest rejuvenating food and drugs that help to rebuild lost minerals and vitamins in her body. The natural soil receives the same in the form of organic fertilizer. Once her womb has been “prepped”, she’ll conceive.

We shall continue in tomorrow’s piece.

Remain blessed, “seedfull”, faithful and fruitful in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Pastor Ken Okotcha




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