Monday, April 17,  2017

Hebrews 10:12, 14 KJV
But this man, after he had offered ONE SACRIFICE FOR SINS FOR EVER, sat down on the right hand of God; [14] For by ONE OFFERING he hath PERFECTED for ever them that ARE SANCTIFIED.

Most people say “Nobody is perfect” in defence of their errors and weak points but our Bible passage of today states clearly that you are perfect once you are born again or sanctified.

When a baby is born, it is born perfectly human. It will of necessity pass through phases of growth as it learns to sit, crawl, stand, walk and eventually run. During these phases, the child will fail and “mess up” sometimes in the area of soiling their diapers. They may regurgitate their food through selfish clamoring for more food than they can retain. They’ll throw tantrums and display grouchiness when they are refused something. They’ll cry themselves to sleep when needing attention but in spite of all these, the child is still perfectly human. Their character deficit is simply a matter of mental maturity.

Growth in this matter of character development would then depend on their growing environment and the authority figures that influence them.

With some kids, mental development is slow, while with others it is fast. The most important thing here is the biological achievement of a perfectly formed child who is every inch human.
If every human were to develop mentally at the same rate, then everyone ought to be a genius. But we know it is not so.

The geniuses are the highly developed minds who keep the oil of civilization and development flowing. So there are various levels of growth in life amongst people. However, it is this odd mix of differently growing humans in character and their diverse idiosyncrasies that make the world such an interesting place.

The same is true of our spiritual lives. Jesus by his vicarious death, burial and resurrection has FOREVER PERFECTED everyone who puts their faith in His finished work, however believers are maturing at various levels and at different rates.

The primary objective and success of the Jesus project is not in character development (of course it should come along with maturity), but in the generation of a PERFECT SPIRIT LIFE!  Regardless of how many gainsayers or naysayers there are in opposition to this truth, there’s preponderance of establishing evidence for this reality in the Word of God.

The New Creation being is the primary evidence here. Even after being saved years ago, you are still struggling in certain areas of conduct. There are certain wrong conducts you still manifest almost by reflex that make you uncomfortable and ashamed afterward. This in itself is proof that the perfect sacrifice of Christ was targeted at the production of PERFECTLY FORMED SPIRIT BEINGS. We therefore should not establish our opinions of fellow believers based on their conduct but on their perfect birth.

To be sanctified means to be born again IN SPIRIT. It implies being SET APART from humans, demons, animals and other forms of life on earth. It’s a birth into the family and class of God. The various angelic classes in Heaven attest to various levels of maturity and responsibilities in the Spirit realm too.

In this season of resurrection, you must lift up your voice in celebration of what Jesus has done in the New Creation.

Romans 4:25 KJV
Who [Jesus] was delivered for our offences [Sin nature and wrong actions], and was raised again for our justification [Righteousness and judicial acquittal]

We the New Creation Nation are the proof of His Resurrection. Hallelujah.

Shalom Beloved, you are blessed.

Ken Okotcha




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