Thursday, October 26, 2017.

Genesis 41:7-8 KJV
And the seven thin ears devoured the seven rank and full ears. And PHARAOH AWOKE, and, behold, IT WAS A DREAM. [8] And it came to pass in the morning THAT HIS SPIRIT WAS TROUBLED…..

Any good Hunter knows that the BEST time to catch or hunt animals is in the night. In the dark, most animals cannot see the traps or snares set for them. They consequently get caught.

Satan also sets traps for Believers in Christ. He chooses the night time also. In the dark of night, when darkness covers the earth and the snores of men resound in “sound” sleep, Satan sends terrifying dreams into the hearts of the sons of men. They wake up from such terrifying dreams believing that what they dreamt holds some reality.

*There are dreams of man that emanate from activities and desires*. (Ecclesiastes 5:3)

*There are also dreams from God that guide men and consequently avert danger*. (Matthew 2:12,19-20)

*And there are dreams from Satan and his kingdom*. These are the dreams to which I contextually refer to here.

Never allow yourself to be trapped by dreams of the night. Never discuss your bad dreams or nightmares with anyone. If you discuss it, you’ll empower the enemy to enforce it in your life.

Bad dreams are not for discussion. They are for cancellation. If a dream doesn’t agree in totality with the Word of God, it cannot be from God. In that case, cancel it, reject it and rebuke the devil.

Every evil dream that you receive is Satan’s way of notifying you of his plan to attack. The dreams by themselves have no power. Satan merely uses them to seek your permission to strike. You give permission and empowerment to bad dreams by either becoming afraid of the dream or telling people about it. Once you do either of these things, you open a door for the enemy to come in.

Terrifying dreams can make even kings to become worried. Pharaoh’s dream made his heart worried (Genesis 41)

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that greatly worried him.

Daniel 2:1 KJV
And in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar DREAMED dreams, wherewith HIS SPIRIT WAS TROUBLED, and his sleep brake from him.

Beware dreams of the night that cause you to start worrying. They are night traps of the devil.
*Kill that dream before it causes fear and do damage to you*. *Rise up, and boldly cancel it with the word of God in your mouth*. After that, deliberately forget about the dream and DO NOT discuss it with anyone. Discussing it with your mouth will engage the law of words and empower the dream. The enemy shall not get you in the name of Jesus.

Shalom Beloved.
Ken Okotcha




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