Friday, December 16th, 2016

Philippians 4:6 KJV
“Be careful (Worried) for nothing; but in every thing by PRAYER and supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God”

Sometimes when challenges come at a person from all angles, it would feel like the whole world is coming down on your head. Mental focus becomes difficult, even as your thoughts run all around in your head like a trapped mouse.
The spiritual poise you had cultivated over the years become shattered as you stare into space, filled with a sense of hopelessness.
All the promises of assistance from family members and friends had failed and the reality of the situation looms before you. Sleep eludes Your eyes and you lose the desire to eat.  Your mind darts about trying to think of who else to call for help.

Perhaps you are in such a situation at this moment. The LAST thing on your mind may be prayer but it really should be the FIRST thing you think of.

Our Bible verse of today begins with an advice. “Be careful for nothing..”.
This is old English for “Do not fret or worry about anything…”

It goes on to say in paraphrase “pray about EVERYTHING”.

Worry often blinds our hearts to the hope that prayer offers.

* In prayer, you get to freely pour out your heart to God. This is a good outlet for pent up feelings of frustration. You’ll often get up feeling a lot of relief, having spoken to “someone”.

* Again, in prayer, you don’t need cover ups or need to pretend that you are stronger than you really are. God already knows.

* You don’t need rehearsed speech or protocol. Because prayer is a relationship and not religion, you come before God, just as you are.

Forget about all the so called “12 STEPS TO PRAYER” as taught by the experts. Just talk to your Father about the situation.

The experts say you need Faith in order to pray but they forget that by praying, you are actually demonstrating your faith in God for help.

Talk to God about it today. Tell Him you know He loves and cares for you. You believe His power is available to you. Roll over the issues to God and tell Him that by Faith, you are leaving it all behind in His capable hands. Then thank Him for handling the issue.  This is the simple child -like faith approach to prayer that receives instant answers.

Remember, no matter how big the challenge may be, the distance between you and the solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. God is waiting to hear your cry; waiting to answer your petition. His goodness covers all of your inadequacies.

Pastor Ken Okotcha

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