Friday, April 7, 2017

Psalm 66:12 KJV
“Thou hast caused (allowed) Men to ride over our heads; we went through FIRE and through WATER: but thou broughtest us out into A WEALTHY PLACE”

The wisdom to discern times and seasons is an indispensable companion of advancement in life.

2016 was a year of multiple seasons and times of hardship. Though not orchestrated by God, He nevertheless used the fire of hardship to refine you. Situations and stuff you never imagined you could ever face, you not only did, but overcame. God was using the tough times that the enemy brought into the year 2016 to forge and bring forth “steel” in you.

People you never imagined you could live without abandoned you, Things you felt you couldn’t do without boycotted your house,  Situations you feared will swallow you up came and passed, Debts you feared would “kill” you were settled one way or the other without disgrace etc.
All of these came against you in 2016 but you prevailed by the help of God and came out stronger. You became refined like gold by the fire of affliction.

Last year was autumn and winter combined; it was cold, sorrowful and lifeless.  Alas, this is 2017, NOW it’s spring time and harvest. Get ready to see the Lord’s Goodness like never before.

God’s paths are dropping fatness everywhere this year.  Unless you walk together with Him in agreement, you may miss the rich blessings of the multiple seasons of favour loaded into 2017.

What you are about to experience in God this year will bring you such joy and restoration that you will say, “How could I have doubted the Lord’s great goodness and love for me, even for a moment?”

Like a watchman sounds the trumpet to prepare the inhabitants of a city for an approaching invasion, God has sent me to sound the notice of the speedily approaching invasion of His overflowing Goodness, Favour and Prosperity in 2017.

I sense many of my readers despising and rejecting these faithful words as “soft sell” message but the choice is yours. Your disposition can never alter the Lord’s position in the Now. This is an acceptable time of prosperity in the calendar of Heaven, do not allow your religious arrogance rob the season of its greatness and importance.

Winter is over. Summer is here. Grace is seeking and Favour is crying out to the willing.  Become “shameless” in your receiving of what His Grace offers, otherwise your year will pass aimless before your very eyes.

This oracle have I delivered in accordance with the Divine will for the Now. The rest is up to you.

Let no man deceive you, just simply receive it and watch 2017 blossom and enrich your world by the effortless blessing of Amazing Grace.

The divine manifestation shall be in accordance with your personal daily expectation.

I rest now.

Shalom Beloved
Ken Okotcha




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