Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2 Kings 6:16 KJV
And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.

So many times we live outside our “natural” environment which is the supernatural. God wants us to live daily knowing we are never disadvantaged. The feeling of disadvantage comes when we step out of the place of faith into the natural realm where things are judged by the senses.

Elisha’s servant in our Bible text above was terrified by the number of soldiers that came to arrest them. When he informed Elisha, the prophet looked beyond the natural soldiers into the spiritual realm. The number of angels that he saw guarding him made him smile and say calmly to his servant, “Fear not. THOSE with us are more than THOSE with them”.

Beyond the natural soldiers, he saw the demonic forces that accompanied them. He referred to them as “..they that be with them”. He referred to God’s angels that were guarding him as .....“they that be with us”.

This tells you that the outcome of nearly every battle or situation in the natural is actually determined by invisible forces. I’m however glad that the ones for us spiritually are more than the ones against us in the natural.

Beloved, you are never disadvantaged in life when you are In Christ. God promises us victory in every of life’s conflicts because the garrisons of heaven that are assigned to you are more than those against you. Just keep your focus unbroken on the supernatural.
Stop fretting and start praising.

Even materially, whatever you have in hand is more than enough to solve the challenge confronting you if you’ll only step back into the spiritual realm.  Jesus had only 5 small loaves and 2 fishes in the desert but with his eyes on the supernatural, it became enough to feed over 5,000 people.

Stop testing and start trusting the Lord. Like Peter, do not look at the distracting waves, simply focus on Jesus alone. You’ll walk on water (Problems in the natural).

Paul asks an almost rhetorical question in Romans 8:31.
“... If God be for us, who can be against us?”

His answer in the next verse was clear and reassuring. If God gave Christ to die for you, then along with Christ, God has given you ALL things FREELY.

You have all of Heaven backing you. You are never alone, never disadvantaged and never defeated as long as you live and walk in faith.

Rise up to this reality today and start enjoying untold victories and benefits in Christ.

Say to yourself in a loud voice, ” In Christ Jesus, I’m NEVER alone, disadvantaged or defeated. There’s more with me than those against me. I have more resources with me than the need confronting me. My angelic garrison surrounds me and I’m confident of the favourable outcome of every of life’s challenges. Amen”

Do have a blessed day beloved.

Ken Okotcha




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