1 Corinthians 3:21 KJV
Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours;

As a child of God, you must adopt the mind of Christ as the template for your own thoughts and desires. You must inevitably become God-inside minded. When Jesus came to the earth to suffer and die for all mankind - it was the mind of the Father that sustained Him.  He did not join Himself to man because He knew what was in man. It was the Father who informed all of His understanding each and every day.

Allow the thoughts of God to maintain and sustain and keep you from the evil one. Refuse to entertain or allow your thoughts to linger on the negative or on the works of the wicked one. 

The scarcity mentality is not of the Father but of the wicked one hence you must jettison it.  Every known sin and weakness of society is the result of scarcity mentality.

Adultery for instance, comes from the mentality that your spouse is not good enough.
The one who steals despises his supply and wants more.
Lying is a function of insecurity which flows from mental insufficiency.
Stinginess is the result of feeling you don’t have enough to give.
Uncontrollable anger is a manifestation of deeply rooted inferiority complex which again is traceable to a feeling of self insufficiency. Greed flows from a need to acquire more in order to be higher than all others.
Pride is the result of an uplifted heart against God and Man.
Gossip and slander both flow from a need to bring another who’s highly respected by others down to your level by negative words. This again is a great manifestation of inferiority. Fearfulness and Cowardice have their common root in the fear of personal incompleteness. Laziness generates from the fear that the work may demand more strength and energy than is available.
Unforgiveness is the worse scarcity mentality of them all. This is because it refuses to recognize the surplus and overflowing forgiveness which God poured out In Christ.

Givers are people who “KNOW” that they do have. They give freely irrespective of their bank account and pocket status.

A person is never truly free of character issues and other vices until they engage the “More than enough” mentality and mindset.
Every action and word of man comes from the overflow that he carries on the inside of himself.

The scarcity mentality makes certain people fight the principle of giving in Church. Free handed people don’t fight, they give freely. Those who often fight the Pastor, Brethren and The Church are mostly stingy people. The reason is because they’ve clenched their hands and formed fists. Nobody fights without a clenched fist.

May the more than enough Millionaire mindset become yours today in the name of Jesus. This will help you to overcome issues in life even as you freely give forgiveness and understanding to others.

Shalom Beloved.




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