Monday, March 13, 2017

Romans 12:2 KJV
“And be not COMFORMED to this world: but be ye TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind .....”

Most people the world over have a common response to situations and circumstances.
Grief often generates tears. Betrayals birth hurts. Delays produce frustrations and laziness invites poverty. People fall ill, fail, face insecurities, suffer starvation and die because of their beliefs.

Beliefs are ideas and opinions admitted into the mind of a person through their thoughts. When formed, beliefs act as mental operating systems that automatically influence the actions and reactions of individuals and groups alike. Unbeknownst to them, most people’s reactions are preprogrammed by their belief system.

Why do even Christ followers still fall ill, stay poor, face constant defeat and die like common men?

It’s because of the way they think and believe. There’s nothing as tragic as distorted believing. The power of God is just as strong as its been from the start but it can be hampered, restricted and even denied the opportunity to perform by the belief of the practitioner.

The Law of Life IS the Law of Belief. The way a person believes internally ultimately produces their external experiences. Your results in life will always answer to your thoughts and beliefs.

Healthy and wealthy lives are by-products of thoughts and consequent beliefs.
To become a millionaire, you must develop a millionaire mindset through the deliberate process of changing your beliefs about money.

This is metamorphosis - a change in structure, conduct or state of a person or thing!

You can only achieve this desired change by radically altering your mindset. This is possible by aligning your daily thoughts to conform or come into agreement with the word of God.

Just as your present state came to be by your thoughts, ideas and words, a change is also possible by changing the thoughts of your mind to the thoughts of God for your life as found in His Word.

Once your basic mindset changes, your whole life will take a new turn for your good.
It requires consistency in the discipline of thought but the result is worth the entire process.

I see a greater, brighter, happier and more prosperous life ahead of you. Receive it and walk in the light of it.

Shalom beloved,
Ken Okotcha




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