Friday, March 31st, 2017

Deuteronomy 16:1 KJV
“Observe the month of ABIB and keep the PASSOVER unto the Lord thy God: for in the MONTH OF ABIB, The Lord thy God BROUGHT THEE FORTH OUT OF EGYPT by night.”

430 years of generational unpaid slavery. 430 years of oppression. 430 years of stagnation and frustration.  430 years of homelessness and man - made barrenness. 430 years of hardship, pain, whiplashes and scarcity broken at last.

“GENERATIONS OF JEWISH SLAVES FREED IN EGYPT” This would have made a great headline for the Egypt Herald had the editor himself not been mourning for his own dead firstborn.

After 430 years of inherited oppression and dominance on both sides of the fence, Pharaoh finally let the people of Israel go. God had tried reasoning with Pharaoh by the mouth of Moses but Pharaoh Rameses had remained adamant. God brought a number of severe plagues upon the land that were unsuccessful in causing a change of heart in Pharaoh Rameses. Finally, God unleashed the destroyer who killed the 1st born of every household that had no blood mark on the doorpost. Amidst the weeping and wailing in Egypt, Pharaoh asked the people of Israel to leave the land.  The blood of a slain innocent male Lamb smeared on doorposts of the believing had caused a divide between gainers & losers. 

These hitherto oppressed people marched out of Egypt loaded with gold and the treasures of Egypt in Divinely orchestrated compensation for 430 years of unpaid wages in slavery. This was in the Jewish Month called ABIB. Abib is actually the first month of the Jewish calendar year as instituted by God in commemoration of their freedom from slavery. It begins in the month of April. This is when the Jewish Passover takes place.

Even as the month of March comes to an end and April begins tomorrow, I see God marching you out of every oppression and limitation in the name of Jesus.

It was also in this season of Abib that Jesus died to deliver humanity from Sin, Satan and The World.
Abib is a reference to “tender, green plants” thus indicating a fresh new thing or beginning.  It is also called Nisan.

The blood of Messiah Yeshua is NOW the mark of exemption that separates the untouchables from others. When a person receives Christ and His finished work and become born again, in the spirit realm, he is credited with the benefits of the finished work of Christ. Christ has become our passover.

1 Corinthians 5:7 KJV
” For even Christ OUR PASSOVER is sacrificed for us”

Just as the sacrifice of the Passover lamb in Egypt both saved the practitioners from destruction and released them from bondage, Christ our Passover has become much more to us. The blood of the passover lamb on the door in Egypt secured every tenant regardless of their conduct status. The blood of Jesus keeps us secure IN HIM and guarantees that our eternal destination will be different from all others in the world.

The major difference between the Egypt passover and Jesus’ work is that in Egypt, the absence of the blood on the doorposts resulted in the death of firstborns, whereas Jesus became both the Lamb and the slain firstborn in order to secure everyone who will believe.

He rose from the dead on the 17th of Abib. In 2017, enjoy liberty from every grave of shame, poverty and lack in the name of Jesus.

As Abib comes by tomorrow, get ready to walk out on any controlling habits and weaknesses in you and walk into a fresh new season of peace, prosperity and progress.

Welcome to Abib - Your season of freedom from EVERY known and unknown oppression.

Shalom Beloved,
Ken Okotcha




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