Thursday December 15th, 2016

Judges 6:14 KJV
“And the Lord looked upon him, and said, Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent thee?”

Israel was under the oppressive rule of the Midianites. They often attacked Israel at harvest time and would just wipe off and destroy their harvests. Gideon was hiding in a cave, threshing some miserly wheat that he had harvested in order to hide it from the relentless Midianites. He was forced into maintenance mode by the situation. Suddenly his atmosphere was invaded by Heaven’s visit in angelic form. The Angel addressed him strangely in a greeting. He called Gideon ” Mighty Man of Valour”. Gideon knowing it was cowardice that caused him to be hiding up in the caves must have been surprised. The Angel inspired such a strong vision of bravery in Gideon that he started seeing himself as a hero. The angel told Gideon that if he would go in the strength of this new vision of himself as a hero and confront the enemy, he was guaranteed to win. After several other assurances, Gideon attacked the enemies of Israel and prevailed.

I learnt a few lessons from this account.

1. A strong vision has the capacity of transforming ANY visionless coward into a visionary hero.

2. Problems gravitate in the direction of their divinely positioned solution. You are the solution to whatever is challenging, intimidating or terrorizing you right now. Stop looking outside, look inside. See the hero in you and get out of the “caves” of life.

3. The answer to the frustrating questions of your heart lies in the vision before you.
Gideon and Israel by extension faced a common challenge of invasion by hostile forces. This had created impoverishment and untold hardship to the whole nation. The angel encouraged Gideon to attack the oppressive forces who were already used to Israel’s submissiveness.

*For Israel to be free of their problems of the present, they must embrace the vision of attacking and overcoming their oppressors.

In summary, stop bemoaning your challenges of the present. Start becoming the solution. Overcome it today by facing it as a vision of the future. Until you move, the challenge will not be removed. Your vision was designed by God as a future solution to swallow your present situation.

Locate the vision, attract the provision. Let the vision become your resolution and it will ultimately produce the required solution. Your vision will determine whether you cringe before the giant like King Saul or run towards the giant like David.

Rise up It’s a new day, the birds are singing already, the sun is rising so steady.

Creation is waiting for you to move, waiting to applaud as the challenge is removed.

Shake off your fears and dry your tears.

Yesterday is in the tomb, it’s dead and buried. Tomorrow is in the womb, it’s not born yet but it is your actions of today that will permanently bury the shame of yesterday and birth the victory of tomorrow.

I am bigger than what people see, hear or know. I am a mystery. I’m as mysterious as the wind: unstoppable, yet invisible. I am the solution to my world and my God - given big vision is the key to my advancement. December is crowning my year with Divine Goodness, I therefore advance with boldness. Whatever could not stop Jesus can not stop me. Human opinion should not and cannot affect my God -given Dominion. I’m walking in power, I’m walking in Grace, I live a life of Favour. I am more than a conqueror and I will not disappoint the part of creation that awaits my manifestation as a son of God. Amen.

Yes!!!! That’s who you are!
Shalom in the name of Yeshua.

Pastor Ken

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