Monday December 12th, 2016
Ephesians 3:20 KJV
Now unto HIM THAT IS ABLE TO DO exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or THINK (imagine), according to the power that worketh in us,

Dreams of the night can make or mar a person, depending on the depth of their spiritual understanding. It is understanding that determines the interpretation of dreams. Satan can use dreams as his access point into a person’s thoughts in order to create a belief that destroys.

EVERY DREAM interpretation should be extensively subjected to the Word of God. If it does not tally with scriptures, then it should be discarded and forgotten as negative pictures.

Many dreams of the night are also influenced by activities of the day and experiences of the past.

Ecclesiastes 5:3 KJV
“...a dream COMETH through the multitude of business…”

Bed wetting in kids for instance usually occur when they dream of taking a pee on the side while playing with their friends. They end up manifesting the dream activity as a bed wetting experience in the physical.

Some dreams are also influenced by the mental state of a person. If a person is worried about something whether consciously or subconsciously, their dreams would be filled with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

* They may find themselves attempting to climb a ladder, hill, staircase or steep cliff face but are never able to get to the top, no matter how hard they try. Most times, such people wake up from the dream drenched in physical sweat.

* Also in a not so deep ditch, they may find it almost impossible to climb out no matter how much they struggle.

* In some cases, a great void or large expanse of water stands between the dreamer and freedom, safety or advantage, yet they are stranded without solution or assistance.

* Some find themselves back in places they used to live at in younger days but have left since many years. They may in the dream relive some nasty experiences they had back then like poverty, embarrassment, hardship etc.

*Some find themselves in school uniforms receiving lessons in class either at elementary school or high school etc.

* Some often dream of being chased after and shot at by armed people, soldiers in uniform, snakes or harmful animals. In the dreams, they can’t seem to run fast enough and barely elude capture.

These dreams are often triggered by thoughts of worry about existing challenges. If not interpreted right, satan could snare a person into thinking it’s because they need “deliverance”. In reality, they are simply indications of worries in the mind over existing issues or unresolved complexes developed as a result of experiences from the past.

Most people who have experienced rape in younger days get blamed by parents and society. They are wrongly accused of seducing the perpetrator. They consequently become ashamed of discussing it and chose to suppress thoughts of the experience.

In some cases, out of fear as a result of having being threatened by the rapist, most rape victims don’t even discuss it. This in turn creates a “helplessness” complex subconsciously and makes them weak to resist sexual affront from known or unknown persons in the dream. In other cases, it generates an attitude of rudeness, hostility or bitterness In the victim.

In more severe cases, this may manifest as physical weakness, mental dullness and severe hardship if not properly handled.

*Some have dreams where known or unknown persons assail them but they feel helpless to fight back.

This is usually indicative of experiences of either physical or verbal abuse against you in the younger years by an authority figure like parents, guardians, older siblings or school teachers. Bullies also fall into this category. Because you were helpless to “fight” back back then, it has created the same feeling of helplessness even in the subconscious dream state.

These and many such dreams occur as a result of activities of the day or events from the past and they collectively make the unenlightened person angry, afraid, insecure or difficult to deal with. But today, employing the blood of Jesus, I command all your negative experiences to be erased from your mind in the name of Jesus!

Mind renewal is a must in such cases. The Word of God is the most effective tool for accomplishing this. Extensive Counseling by an experienced and trusted minister may be required in more severe cases.

We’ll continue in tomorrow’s post.

I declare with my mouth and believe in my heart that every dream of the night that is not from God is subject to my authority. I cast off nightmares and evil dreams. I refuse for my life and day to be influenced by these bad dreams of the night. Just as the night and day can never meet on earth, I command that every bad dream of the night should fade away in the face of the rising sun. I’m not ruled by the dreams of the night, I’m governed by the eternal word of God in the name of Jesus. Amen.

May you truly be blessed today and always.
Pastor Ken Okotcha




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