Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Joshua 3:3 KJV
“And they commanded the people, saying, WHEN YE SEE THE ARK of the covenant of the LORD your God, and the PRIESTS the Levites bearing it, then ye shall remove from your place, and go after IT”

The Jordan was the last thing standing between the wandering Israelites and the territories known as their promised land.
They didn’t have a boat, ship or any other vessel that will guarantee a safe crossing, yet it was inevitable that they cross over. They needed to get to their inheritance which lay on the other side of Jordan.

I have a very strong conviction that 2017 shall yield untold Blessings and Prosperity for many people. However, you need to cross over first AND how you cross over matters a lot!

“Cross over” means you are on one side of a place or thing and must get across to the other side.
The crux of the matter is that “whatever” must assist your crossing must be “something” dependable. Nobody will attempt to cross a river on a bridge that is wobbly and poorly built. They might fall and get very wet or worse still, drown in the waters if they can’t swim.

The need to cross over is obviously necessitated by the fact that the other side holds promises of a better life and opportunities.

Israel had no boat but they had the Ark of the Lord.

In the Old Testament, the ark represented the presence of the Lord. No temple is considered a place of worship without the ark of the Lord in the holiest place. It was the people’s assurance that God was in their midst.

At the crossing, God instructed the Levites to carry the Ark of God high on their shoulders and walk toward the overflowing banks of the Jordan River.

True to the promise of God, once the feet of the ark - bearing priests touched the waters of Jordan, the waters divided into 2 and created not only a wide corridor but dry ground for Israel to walk across safely to the other side.

The Levites were a priestly class separated into the service of God. In their day, they were just like Pastors and other Ministers of today.

So how did Israel cross over? They literally crossed over by EXALTING THE PRESENCE OF GOD as demonstrated by the Priests bearing the Ark high on their shoulders. At such a height, no mortal man amongst the crossing Israelites could stand physically higher than God as represented by the uplifted ark.

*** As you cross over tonight, seek a Church where the ministers exalt God far above themselves.

They crossed the Jordan in this order:
1.The Priests carried the Ark (representing the Government, Authority & presence) of God on their shoulders.

2. The people FOLLOWED the Ark - bearing Priests and went safely over to the other side.

1. Locate a Church where the Ministers are Ark bearers who exalt God above themselves.

2. Follow the leading of such ministers every inch of the way and you’ll get over safely to the other side carried by the Miraculous hand of God.

Brand new beginnings await you in 2017, as you humbly follow the leading of your spiritual leader(s) who exalt God. Humility may look like stupidity but it imbues you with importunity which creates limitless opportunities.

On your part, you also must exalt God above measure in your life in the coming year.

Just as Noah’s ark preserved those 8 souls from the destroying waters and crossed them over to a brand new beginning, the Ark (presence) of the Lord shall carry you across into 2017 in the name of Jesus.

2016 is passing away in a matter of hours. I am alive today because God has better things awaiting me on the other side called 2017. I shall not die before I crossover, I reject any satanic surprises that may be planned against me and my family (immediate or extended). 2016 has been a very tough year, yet God saw me through it. Thank you Lord. Just as Moses and the Israelites were permanently separated by the waters of the Red Sea, in my crossing over tonight, I shall be permanently separated from the challenges and pains of 2016. These “Egyptians” I shall see no more. Every “desert wandering” experience dies tonight with this year as i cross over into 2017 - my “land” of New beginning and fulfilled promises. I follow my spiritual leader who exalts God above himself and I am therefore assured that all round Goodness awaits me in 2017.
In accordance with Romans 10:9-10, I believe this in my heart and this day the 31st of December 2017, my confession is made unto my Salvation ( Deliverance, Prosperity, Protection, Fruitfulness, Wealth, Health etc.) Amen.

Shalom. Have a safe crossing beloved.
See you at the TOP in 2017.
Pastor Ken Okotcha

I am an expression of the Divine




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