Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Psalm 23:5 KJV
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

To prepare a table is an oriental term for feasting. When the Psalmist talks about feasting in the presence of enemies, he alludes to victory and celebration in spite of the enemy. Many believers are more conscious of what satan is doing than what GOD HAS DONE ALREADY IN CHRIST.

They moan and bewail how satan is making them fail, fall and lose. As a child of God, do you know you can have outstanding and overwhelming victories in spite of satan? Yes!!!  It’s all dependent on your thought life. Satan is defeated already. That’s the whole essence of The Sacrifice of The Cross of Christ. The wages of the Sin nature was Death. (Romans 6:23)  Satan had the power of enforcing death as a consequence of the Sin nature of the Adamic fall but by dying the death of the Cross,  Jesus stripped satan naked and made him armorless. Today, satan is no longer an issue but tissue, glory to Jesus.

The only expression of satan today is the attention given to him by unenlightened believers. They spread awareness of satan by unilluminated “prayer points” & unedifying preaching that inspire dread in the spiritually unschooled.

Many animal sheep often suffer head sores. This makes them vulnerable to flies that bite away at these head sores, if left unchecked these bites would often widen the sores and cause greater health issues. To check the invasion of these flies, the Shepherd often anoints the heads of the Sheep luxuriously. This keeps the flies away from the Sheep.

In the same way, demons attempt to “bite” at the vulnerable spots of your thoughts in order to create room for greater attack through doubt and unbelief but Jesus the great Shepherd anoints your head with oil. The anointing helps you to keep your thoughts in perspective as you discipline yourself to focus on Jesus Christ as The Anointed One and His Finished work. This way, the demon “flies” have no access into your thoughts.

God has already prepared a table before you in the presence of the enemy. This is exactly how it is when the sheep settle down to eat grass in the presence of the snarling wolf or the roaring lion. As long as the Shepherd is standing watch, there’s no fear. The sheep feed well in the soft green grass, their heads are protected from wrong thoughts by the anointing oil in the assurance of the shepherds abilities.

What they experience is a full and running over cup of Blessing. You are the Sheep. Jesus is The Shepherd. Satan may roar, Jesus is not moved. He watches over you KNOWING He had already defeated satan once for all time. The anointing in the Word keeps your head (thoughts) fresh and strong so that you can eat of the rich benefits of Christ always. This causes your cup to fill up with God’s blessing and overflow. Angels Goodness and Mercy then find you irresistible as they follow you about all the days of your life.

You are blessed. You better believe it.  Here’s wishing you a happy resurrection season. Enjoy Jesus beloved.

Ken Okotcha




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