Monday, January 16th, 2017

2 Peter 1:3 KJV
“According as his divine power HAS given unto us ALL THINGS that pertain unto life and godliness, THROUGH the KNOWLEDGE of him that hath called us to glory and virtue”

When prayers go unanswered, it can be very frustrating and discouraging. Many are praying but are not receiving answers for one major reason - Total or partial lack of understanding of the dynamics of the NEW TESTAMENT! 
Majority of the prayer points raised in our Churches are usually taken from the Old Testament and laced with a lot of fleshly reasoning that appeal to the senses but make no sense in the spirit realm.

The Old Testament focuses on the demands of the Law and is based primarily on 2 Things :
1. What YOU are supposed to do to receive your desire.
2. What the Lord SHALL DO for you.

All that was okay until Jesus came. He fulfilled ALL the demands of the Law, appropriated the promises of the Old Testament and converted those same promises into a testament or will.

A man’s will only comes into force at his demise. Jesus also by virtue of His crucifixion & subsequent resurrection, has activated His Will. All that He died for are legally yours now.
Today, healing, deliverance, prosperity, eternal life etc are no longer mere promises that God will someday bring to pass; THEY ARE NOW FULFILLED PARTS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, COVENANT & WILL IN CHRIST JESUS.
God is no longer planning to heal, bless or make you rich, HE HAS DONE IT ALREADY!
Your sole responsibility under the New Testament is to BELIEVE and RECEIVE it.
Just imagine that a man receives a bank deposit alert on his phone & hurries to the bank to withdraw money.  Of course, no cashier or teller on earth can convince the man that there is no money in his account. He would resist, persist and insist until he gets that withdrawal done. All he needed to convince himself was a confirmation from the sender by way of the bank alert. It is no different in the matter of faith. God has confirmed your healing, prosperity, marriage and marital blessings by the blood of Jesus.
Today, IF you are praying for God to heal you, deliver you or make you rich, God will express surprise at your prayer tone. 

He CANNOT do what you are asking because it is like asking Him to REDEPOSIT money that He’d already paid into your account. It’s a one time act that is irreversible. It’s been done already IN Christ, therefore God would be unable to do it for you again. Just receive it by believing and acting in it.

Receive understanding and insight today in Jesus name!

IN CHRIST, all I need for Life and Godliness are supplied to overflowing levels. I simply activate my Faith by acting upon it as TRUTH.

Shalom Be!oved
Pastor Ken Okotcha





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