Friday, December 30th, 2016

1 Samuel 2:9 KJV
“He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; FOR BY STRENGTH shall NO MAN prevail”.

The challenges, trials and battles of this life cannot be overcome by means of human strength or wisdom.
If so,  your victories will then be at the mercy of your human strength and obviously no human has the ability to overcome all challenges on their own without help.

When David killed Goliath in that famous duel, it was obvious to all observers that the victory was not a function of dexterity or strength. It was simply the hand of the Lord helping a believing Man. Observers commented that the Lord was with David. David himself kept boasting in the name of the Lord. He boasted about God before the battle in the presence of King Saul. During the battle, he boasted in the name of the Lord before Goliath. After the battle, he boasted in the name of the Lord in testimony.

After another victory over the Philistines many years later, David whooped the following words in testifying of God’s great help.

2 Samuel 22:30 KJV
“For BY thee I have run through a troop: BY MY GOD have I leaped over a wall”

Until a man recognizes the hand of God in the victories of Life, constant defeat is inevitable.

Psalm 20:7 KJV
“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember THE NAME of the LORD our GOD”

When David killed Goliath, little did he know that Goliath had 4 more brothers. David had picked 5 stones, but ended up needing only one to take down the giant. However, God had inspired him to pick up 5 stones, knowing there were 4 other giants waiting ahead. It was a prophetic move that could only have been initiated by God.

In the following years, David’s trained men slew the remaining 4 brothers of Goliath - all giants like him. (See 2 Samuel 21:18-22).

No matter how strong or smart you may think you are, the only thing that lies between you and inevitable defeat or failure is the GOD factor.

* When God is involved, a simple stone will take down a giant.

* When God is involved, Gideon and 300 Men will defeat a whole army.

* When God is involved, mere praise will rout an amalgamation of 3 armies.

* When God is involved, Jericho will fall by merely marching in faith.

* When God is involved, a burning furnace will become an air-conditioned flat.

* When God is involved, just one word will banish leprosy.

As we stand on the threshold of another year, how do you intend to proceed? Jordan lies between you and the hopes of a better year in 2017.

Will it be in your own strength and wisdom or will you say, “By My God….”.? 

Father, you knew me long before my great grandparents united in marriage. You knew me when I was nothing but a clot of blood in my mother’s womb. You knew me when I was born and you called me by name;  you called me by your name.
As a child, your great hand helped me in learning how to crawl. Your eyes guided me when I took tottering steps in my attempt to walk. You strengthened my feet and enabled me to run. I am here today only by your help.

Now Father, I’m at the point in my life where I belief it’s my time to soar with wings like the eagle. I have a strong conviction that 2017 is my year of flight, please do not let me forget you my Rock and my strength. Let my boast be in the name of the Lord alone. No matter how successful I become, let me be able to say like King David ” By My God,  have I risen”.

I thank you for teaching me humility and ordering my steps in life. And when I become established, I trust you will not leave me according to your word. Thank you for being my Father even when everyone, family and friends forsake me. Amen.

Beloved, prepare to advance in leaps, bounds and flight in 2017. God shall wipe the tears from the eyes of so many and YOU are one of them. 2017 shall be a year of rearrangement and rewards.

Prepare for it. Plant a special SEED OF FAITH for it in your crossover service of tomorrow and your eyes will surely see it.

God bless you.
Pastor Ken Okotcha

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