Friday, December 1, 2017.

Ecclesiastes 7:8 KJV
“BETTER is THE END of a thing THAN THE BEGINNING thereof…...”

While most people are jittery right now over the end of the year because of yet unmet expectations, you oh child of God should be rejoicing because of the promise of God.

God promises that the END of ANYTHING is better than the BEGINNING. This includes this year 2017.  No matter how roughly it started and how rough it’s been, it shall end for you on a note that God Himself called BETTER.


Psalm 65:11-13 KJV
THOU CROWNEST THE YEAR WITH THY GOODNESS; and thy paths drop fatness. [12] They drop upon the pastures of the WILDERNESS: and the LITTLE HILLS rejoice on every side. [13] The pastures are clothed with flocks; the VALLEYS ALSO ARE COVERED OVER WITH CORN; they shout for joy, they also sing.

God is CROWNING your year with His Divine Goodness. Every movement of God around you shall produce Fatness. [Excess, Abundance]. When God moves, He touches EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. The text above confirms that the moves of God cause His abundance to drop upon even the feeding places of the poor. This is described as “Pastures of the Wilderness” and also as “Little Hills”. The Goodness of God causes everywhere He passes through to break forth in both Abundance of Resources and Abundance of Joy, Singing and Dancing.

Even the valleys are not left out. “Valleys” refer to those who feel stuck in places where nothing seems to be happening or growing. God has not forgotten them. In His sovereignty, my Father has chosen to “Crown” 2017 with His Goodness. “Crown” in this context is defined by the Hebrew word “atar”. It literally translates as “to surround”.
When something is surrounded by another thing, it literally means that there’s no escape. Beloved, God has crowned or surrounded 2017 with His Goodness, you cannot escape his drops of “Fatness” as expressed in abundant excess.

In case, you are thinking you don’t qualify, don’t forget that Divine Goodness has a constant companion called Mercy (Psalm 23:6). While the Goodness of God supplies all that is needed, the Mercy of God qualifies all that are in need.

I heartily and prophetically welcome you to DECEMBER, The Month of Overflowing Goodness and Pleasant Surprises.

Shalom Beloved.
Ken Okotcha




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