Developing some belly fats isn’t much of an issue since everyone has some belly fats resident in their system. However too much belly fat could pose a great threat to your health.
Fats develop in various parts of our body, particularly, underneath the skin. However, too much of it could result in health issues such as Colon cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, breast cancer and dementia.
Gaining too much weight could cause your body fats posit in very unusual parts of the body. The fats that reside in the deeper parts of the body is referred to as visceral fats.
The percentage of visceral fat resident in the system of a woman differs greatly from that of the man. In fact, according to scientists women have six to eleven percent of more body fat than men, particularly around their thighs and hips while men accumulate fat around their belly.
You need to eat; lots of fruits, grains, low fat milk and take food rich in protein as fish, eggs etc, In order to get a dose of Omega- 3 fatty acids, ensure that there is a control of your food portions and that you exercise your body just to shed away some belly fat.
Aerobic exercises such as swimming, walking, jogging, running etc. is sure to help reduce your belly fat.
Reduce your sugar intake and run on a Carbohydrate diet i.e. reduce your intake of too much carbohydrate and consume more protein. You might also want to reduce your alcoholic intake for a more positive result.
Doing all of the aforementioned would enable you get rid of too much belly fat and enhance your fitness.




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