Women don’t know how to exercise their right, which should be one of the reasons why men take advantage of them in such an annoying way or is it more than that? It has always been the women; they have always been inflicting pain on women. 30% of the cultural practices still in trend today sees women as animal and must be treated as one. Have you ever seen a woman who is accused of killing her husband? Her husband’s kin treat her with much scorn and hatred. She is forced to drink contaminated water used to wash the husband’s corpse and of course her health means nothing to them, they shave her hair with blades leaving her with wounds and scars and of course when a woman dies her husband is never forced to shave so, what? The most painful aspect of this is that it is women that do the shaving. They freely hold their fellow woman like an animal and cut her hairs with sharp objects. Mixing her blood with their sweats and transmitting every form of germs into each other. After the harsh treatment, some are banned from ever entering that village again, why some are treated as outcast for as long as they are living among them.
But why is it so? Why are women ill-treated all the time? They say women are the weaker vessel, a man uses his wife as punch bag and they tell her to pray, that nothing is impossible for God to do. Her mother tells her to go back to her husband’s house, the pastor keep warning about putting asunder in what God has joined together while the woman keep suffering. And then when these things are going on, they dare us to speak out. Whenever we stand up to speak for ourselves they term it feminist, and go against anyone that dares supports our motion.
Is there not anything we can do about our women being dragged to the village each time their husband dies and forcefully made to drink a concoction made from the husband’s corpse? What about the wife beaters, they only remember how strong they are when they are around their wives. We should stand up for ourselves call it feminist or not, take up your case to the court woman. Who said you cannot fight for yourself, so long as you are sure that you don’t have any hand in your husband’s death, fight for yourself because your husband is not going to come back to life to tell them you are innocent. Refuse to take any drink or any shaving of hair; they will give you a traumatic experience that might affect you for the rest of your life. And to the general public, is it not about time that you forgone some traditional practice? Does the man come back after forcing her to drink that evil water or is it just another way of punishing the poor woman for coming into your community? This is a new era, you should take up cases to the court, that kind of treatment were done then because there were no governmental laws guiding the people, so instead of killing them with concoctions, take her to court, it is preferable.




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