Rotana, a Saudi Arabian woman who left everything she knew because her freedoms as a woman were (and still are) limited, and she wasn’t allowed to pursue her true passion: singing.

Four years ago she moved to the United States with no professional singing experience,today Ratana is a rising star. She hopes to continue gaining recognition in the States and also influence in Saudi Arabia so that other women may have the right to dream, the right to express themselves and the right to live the life they’re meant to lead.

Close your eyes for a second and picture this: You’ve got a dream. A really big one. To be an athlete, a CEO, a lawyer, an astronaut, a performer. This dream — whatever it may be — calls to you; it hijacks your thoughts and it leaves you filled with despair when you’re not pursuing it. You can’t imagine doing anything else because it’s not just your passion, it’s your purpose. It’s what you feel you were put on this Earth to do.

Now imagine this: You’re not allowed to do it. Actually, your society forbids you from doing it. You have to leave everything you know — your friends, your family, your home — to pursue your dream in another country because it is impossible in the only one you’ve ever known.




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