Feminism is a range of social and political movements and ideologies that promote Feminists campaigns which are generally considered to bring major changes towards women’s liberation in the light of achieving: women’s suffrage, gender balance/neutrality, reproductive rights for women, and the right to enter in to contract and own property. Feminist have also set precedence to promote bodily autonomy and integrity to protect women from sexual offences and domestic violence.Also focus is made on sex trafficking, issues of health and reproductive rights, female genital mutilation and violence against women.
Different people have responded to feminism, both men and women have been among its supporters and critics. To some people support of feminism is more common than identifying self as feminists. Although more exposure to the various concepts reveals one‘s own self-identification with feminism
These movements share some perspectives while they disagree on others, some differ on whether discrimination against women adversely affect men. To them liberation to women implied men’s liberation as well because some burdens on men would no longer be men’s alone. With the façade of men’s non rebellion comes the hope of an opportunity for men to forge a rebellion commensurate with women’s and in the course of it create a new paradigm for human progress that will benefit both sexes. This was and continues to be the dream of feminism to create a freer and more humane world.
There has been a main focus on women’s rights although some feminists argue for the inclusion of men.These approachenhances the liberation from the perspective that men are harmed by traditional gender roles.Other movements consider men primarily as the causative agents of sexism; that men are the only originators, planners, controllers and legislators of patriarchy.
Anti-Feministoppose women’s entry into work force, political campaign, the voting process as well as lessening the male authority in families. Some writers who identify themselves as feminists, argue that feminism promotes misandry and the elevation of women’s interest above men.
They argue that certain rights extended to women are patriarchal since they relieve women from exercising a crucial aspect of their moral agency.They argue that social acceptance of divorce and non-married women is wrong and harmful on the premise that men and women are fundamentally different and should maintain their roles in society.
Patriarchy is a social system which is organised around male authority figures, it depicts subjection of the female gender to the male, it includes all the social mechanism that reproduces and exerts male dominance over women, children and property. Feminists belief that the concept can be overcome by revealing and critically analysing its manifestations.
Pro-Feminism is the support of feminismwithout oneself being a member of the movement, mostly used to reference men who actively support the movement. The activities of these groups, include anti-violence work with boys, and young men in schools, they offer sexual harassment workshops in work places, they run community education campaigns and counsel male perpetrators of violence, activism against pornography, the development of gender equity and are involved in promoting men’s health.
The social structure of masculinity is seen by feminists as problematic because it associates men with aggression, and competition, and reinforces patriarchal and unequal gender relations. These cultures are criticised for limiting forms of masculinity available to men and thus narrowing their life choices. Some feminists bringattention for example to male rape and spousal battery, generally addressing negative social maltreatment by men. The advice for our time is for both feminist and masculinity ideologies to cooperate to better                                                                           achieve their goal




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