Rape is forcefully taking canal knowledge of someone out of their wish, and anybody can be a victim of rape but women are more vulnerable than men. Actually, I don’t believe that men can be raped we are the only victims here. Just about any girl of any age can be raped, either by the father, their uncle, brother or by an outsider. The problem is not just the rape itself, but the psychological trauma that follows after.  This girl sees every other man as a rapist and is afraid to have anything to do with them. She feels insecure and being harsh becomes her only means of thriving in the society. Such a lady hardly ventures into any relationship because she already hates men.
Who are the causes of rape? Some say it is the women because they dress provocatively but, what can be said about the little girls who is yet to develop anything on their chest or behind and who are dressed on overall and yet, those heartless men climb on top them and satisfy themselves despite the tears and pains the victims are being subjected to. They are not ashamed at all as they forcefully take advantage of the girl’s weakness in the dark corners of the world. Yes, they never do it in an open place where anyone can see and stop them, but they go to a hidden place where even the scream of their victims cannot be heard.  They inflict pains on them and leave them helpless on the floor, some of them are concerned enough that they tell the helpless girl not to tell anyone. It’s even worse now, because rape happens anywhere and anytime. Those hungry beasts just take on any girl they want at any slightest chance they get without minding who is watching or not.
Those girls are forced into the world with fear and shame, she feels sad when other girls talk about virginity and she was just forcefully dis-virgined. She fears she might get pregnant especially if she is a little bit of age, what more, she keeps doubting whether she is even healthy anymore as that is when she remembers all the disease and infections associated with sex. She is practically traumatized psychologically and her social function is affected. The fact is it takes only a strong woman to overcome the effect of rape and to finally move on without seeing other men as beasts.  And that is why it must be stopped.




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