The Concept of Feminism hails from the early struggles made by women in the west for equality of rights, the women initially wanted to have voting rights. It was awakened during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
The movement revolves in and promotes; equality of sexes in the society, loathes all forms of dehumanisation or violence, political slavery and social oppression; they have a common goal to define, establish and achieve political, economic, personal and social rights for women.
it evolved out of social reform groups such as the abolition of slavery, the social purity and temperance movements from which women saw need for their own organisation to be able to transform society.
Basically known as women movements then, they fought for guardianship of infants, property rights, divorce, access to higher education and medical care, equal pay, and for legislations that would protect them.
1928 dawned on women the right to legally vote which subsists a major achievement in history.
1940-1950: Trade unions and women movements fought hard for a welfare state system that would eliminate discrimination against women in the work place and pursued policies that encouraged women advancement and participation in the society.
The 1960 – 1970 era, women fought for right to abortion when demanded, free child care provision and equal pay.
Through the ages of time women have sounded a strong voice in the fight against oppression, violence and discrimination. These have pictured the efforts made by the women of the past ages and deplores women to thrive to project their cause through time. The challenges of the twenty first century though similar in content, they vary in the context… such as homosexuals raising their voices under the guise of feminism
For this and other reasons some women don’t want to be known as feminists nor be part of the movement, they don’t want to be considered revolutionist or accused of being men haters or wanting to be like men. From the different perspectives the women all acclaim their desire to celebrate WOMANHOOD.
Women skills are noted as being barely recognised and frequently devalued in society. Feminism has a role in building confidence in women and encouraging others to recognise, value, develop and use their skills. Access to information was acknowledged as a crucial part of this empowering process.




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