Establishment of new industries creates new job opportunities, puts food on the table for more people, puts more money in the coffer of the government from taxes, develops competitiveness and in this case introduces an area that would interest the rich to circulate the currency more.

Interlocking blocks have taking the total market of flooring our compounds and walk ways, made from cement, water sand and granite, the interlocking blocks are effective but we can introduce a higher taste of flooring our environments with real granite. It’s not just a necessity but pure luxury, why not if it makes the money go round?

Flooring with granite will produce a more beautiful result in Nigeria than in most countries of the world because of deposit of various colours of stones that can be mixed creatively to raise the esthetic value of our precious gifts of nature.

In Kaduna, Abuja and Lokoja areas there are multi coloured stones, in Ebonyi, Abia and Calabar we have black stones and white stone.

One of the few world manufacturers of the machine you need to accomplish this project is a partner of this blog. Give the very rich value for their hard work and get richer.




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