You don’t need years of talking and debates to end the problem of poor officiating in Nigerian football, Nigerians are aware they have good players but not sure if the best side will wine in a match, this has slowly sent Nigerians to be interested in European football. The interest of Nigerians in European football with great disrespect for local football is a great fraud on Nigerian by Nigerians. The population of the great football nations in Europe put together is about the population of Nigeria, average European can afford to go to stadium just as I am sure an average Nigerian can also. Nigerian football can be turned into great business opportunity for the people and national development in six months only if the country takes bold steps to realize it.
  The football revolution must start now to build a foundation for the football academies that took off in Nigeria and soon to start producing great results.

Nigeria have better players than most of the best football countries of the world but just little push here and there are needed, I have this experience from my personal interactions with Nigerian football and my 4 Nigerian players (one of them playing in the current UEFA, Union of European Football Associations).

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