The World Health Organization (WHO) states that only six countries, including Nigeria, jointly contribute 50% of annual global deaths of children of less than five years of age. This figure is largely a reflection of the terrifically high neonatal mortality within the country; findings revealed that not less than 700,000 premature babies die every year in Nigeria.

Nigeria has the second highest (after India) number of children that die on their first day of birth.

Some companies and organizations such as Rotary club and the United Bank for Africa have made donations of incubators to some Nigerian hospitals; most of the Nigeria’s premier tertiary hospitals are without adequate number of functional incubators. You will find old and obsolete models of incubators that have long been phased out by the manufacturers. You wouldn’t need to look far from you to see somebody who had the experience with these incubators. You can also share your experience with us.

Partnering with my blog is TSE (incubator) manufacturing company willing to assist individuals, organizations and establishments who have the intention to help save the lives of our infants.




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