Sure we all back to work. Great the world still same, people making New Year resolutions, people believing this year must be better than previous.
For me I have done a lot in Africa and in Europe in the last 8 years all I hope for is to continue on this foundations.
I don’t have New Year resolution anyway but I have nothing against those that have, at least it keeps them in the way they wish to be for the next 3 months. When your newyear resolution stayed beyond March you are certainly on the way to actualize it.
If I have any special wish? well not wish like it can come to past but just thinking about how easy Business can be in Africa if I am not white and can go around with ease like any other African, go to market without anybody noticing I have different skin colour. Move around freely just as I do in Europe. in my next post I will discourse how I will make money in Nigeria WITH LITTLE MONEY if I can turn the colour of my skin and walk around like a Nigerian.
A view from my position at the noon of the first day of January




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