Stop cutting down trees, stop using chemicals on the water, stop interfering with the ozone layers, stop polluting the environment; JUST STOP!
As we might have known, the environment is the man’s next home after his house. But do you know that this environment can just disappear all of a sudden? Well, we have every reason to doubt that what God has made by Him can ever someday begin depreciating and then one day it will be boom! And it’s all gone forever. Yes it is true, we can really cause something like that to happen to our very own environment and when that happens, I wonder where we will call our next home again.
Money is not all that matters, when you spend the whole time on earth chasing money, cutting down trees to build your mansions, traveling to space to find whatever it is you are looking for out there and risking the poor environment , don’t be surprised at what will be the outcome. Ask the fish in an oil drenched stream it can explain better.




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