Waste disposal is the method of generating, collecting, transporting, treating and disposing of wastes in such a way that it doesn’t pose threat to human habitation. Has it occurred to you that wastes can actually displace us of our homes if not properly handled? Everyday thousands of tons of waste are generated by individuals in different locations and at the end of the day; the waste is transported to the same place for disposal and if actually as it seems, wastes are only treated and not really disposed of, what’s going to happen to our environment? So what do we do about wastes? Thank God for development, now we have so many recyclable wastes. Every day we go to market and shops to buy things and considering the list of things down on the things to buy, we demand nylon for each commodity. And the next day you go to market and it is still the same thing, you demand sacks and fill them in your house. The next day during clean up, you dispose them off in your waste bin. And the next process starts to take place, the wind blows some off into the environment, some are taken to places where they are temporally disposed off and some just remain in your household as waste. First, why not minimize your waste i.e. instead of going to the market to demand for a new nylon when you can just reuse the same nylon over and over again.
Then, what do we think of the popular 5Rs= refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. For instance, when you go shopping and you are sure you can’t possibly use those shoes don’t buy them because it caught your eyes. Learn to refuse what you won’t use.  We can again reduce the quantity of what we make use of daily, don’t buy in quantities that will become a bulk to you, always reduce the quantity of what you buy to only what you can use. Instead of making it a waste, we can just reuse them. Materials like nylon as I already said can be reused several times. Then in repurpose, waste can be used for another purpose, for example, a cloth which is no more useful to you can be used as rag for cleaning your shoes.  Almost half of the things used in the world today are recyclable, so you can try recycling those plastics and the papers instead of trashing them.




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