The environment is very beautiful and has the ability to cleans itself once the elements that makes it up is not altered.
We must ensure to protect the environment because it is our only home on this planet earth.
Disease outbreak are very common today because the environment has already been made vulnerable. We cannot eat our cake and have it, when we keep subjecting our environment to substances that are unfit for it; this is what we will get in return, diseases.
Many of the diseases attacking us today are associated with the environment and that is what we must try to look into so we can find ways to protect ourselves and loved ones from the diseases. Funny thing there is, once one man contracts a disease from the environment, the rest of the people are in greater risk because as far as environmental diseases is concerned, nobody is free. That’s why we should consider the one man’s health is the health of all slogans.
When we view the water, it is full of diseases which otherwise cannot carry itself from the water to man unless man goes to it. In the same way, the food we eat, the soil on which we walk on and carry out so many other activities and the air that we breathe in carries some microorganism that are capable of causing one disease or the other.
And it is so inevitable that we must always go to it because we may not have any chances of survival if we do not. So, going to meet any of the elements that make up our environment, we should ensure that we are ready to make it serve us in such a way that it can obey only us. But, how then do we make the environment obey and serve us faithfully? When we are able to treat them as pure and natural as they are.  It’s not just living beings alone that has feelings, non-living things sometimes needs attention and care just like we do and when we fail to give them, they retaliate their own way.
Take an instance, since we already know and ascribed life to being associated with water, hence we say water is life. Everyone knows and so does the water. It knows that it is life and expects to be treated with much respect and care. But when we now indiscriminately barge refuses into the water bodies, defecate freely and do other manner of things that are harmful to the water, it brings out the same result of what we throw in to it. What you throw in is what you get, in return, those things you threw into the water, putrefies under aerobic conditions until there are no more oxygen for the process and anaerobic degradation begins to take place. And then, it starts giving you double results, the living things inside the water starts to die, these things are part of what you eat as food from the water, the fish, crayfish, crabs, snail etc. and one down, there will be no more seafood for us.  Another thing, it begins emitting obnoxious odour because the water has already being polluted.
The list of what we can get from ill-treating the environment is long and endless but what we must know and do is to be able to keep our environment clean and pure by dumping refuse at the appropriate sites.




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